Steel Drum Band

Close your eyes and allow Kicks magical Caribbean steel drums to sweep you away to a tropical paradise of white sands, blue water and cool, salty ocean breezes. Let us be your guide on a virtual tropical vacation. Based in the San Diego area, we are the premier steel drum band in Southern California-the first choice of the corporate and private party sceOur engaging indigenous and contemporary melodies are set to infectious rhythms, accented with the melodic sound of steel drums. Kicks music is soothing, enchanting and exotic-infectious enough to be the main event or versatile enough to unobtrusively set a fun, relaxing tone from the background. We are the perfect addition to your Caribbean or tropical themed party or function!

We can easily customize your event by beginning with the relaxing sounds of the steel drums, transitioning seamlessly to a more upbeat island band incorporating vocalists and additional musicians. Our island band consists of a guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, steel drums (if desired) and female vocalist. However, we can easily tailor the band to suit your specific taste/event, adding additional vocalists (as 4 of the 5 musicians also sing) and instruments-the sax, horns, trumpets, etc. The band is also able to change on a dime to a traditional Top 40 variety dance band, switching repertoire with ease to suite the client’s desire!

With seasoned sensitivity, our group has developed the skill of tempering our music to suit each audience and venue. We are adept at choosing just the right songs so that everyone, young and old, will be dancing in their seats singing along. Clients are more than welcome to supply a list of requests as well. Whether you want to dance the night away or tone it down with some Beach Music, enjoy the hits from the 60’s to today, or mellow-out with some smooth Reggae and Jimmy Buffet, this is the band for you!

Kicks is perfect for that poolside welcome reception or beach party-able to easily adapt to any event, whether corporate or private, having done a multitude of each. Remarkable talent, astounding variety and the utmost in professionalism, Kicks Steel Drum Band is the perfect solution to your quest for the best in event entertainment!

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